Restaurant Rush

Restaurant Rush

A nice arcade game if you like cooking and thinking
4.5  (2 votes)

Restaurant Rush is a lovely game from Big Fish Games. In this game you will assume the role of Heidi, a young cooker that wants to open a cooking school. Of course, there is a long way to travel across, you will have to work hard cooking and opening restaurants in order to get the money needed to make your dream come true.
The game is a of Arcade-Puzzle-3-in-a-row with some ingredients from RPG games: at restaurants, you need to match 3 or more ingredients in a row to complete orders and serve your clients to get money. But you can also go shopping and improve the quality of ingredients, buy new recipes and desserts, or improve some customer services, like the ice tea machine.
The in-game user experience is really nice, aThe game is really attractive and easy to learn through the first steps on Story Mode. s well as other games of this developer. Graphics are colorful and sounds are really pleasant to your ears. You will have a good time with it.
The bad part is that this game could be played just for one hour. After that, you will have to purchase it. Now you know where to spend your next 7 dollars!
Please note, the download link points to the developer's game client, who will connect to server and take the actual game. Hang on, it's a 45 MB download. But it's worth the wait!

Review summary


  • Colorful graphics, pleasant sounds, very nice


  • You can play just for one hour! (before you purchase)
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